Ground temperature was a cool 6 degrees Celsius when we touched down at 9am local time (which is 8 hours behind KL time). Absolutely loving the bread and coffee here. No Starbucks sighted yet. Orange juice is awesome, saw a donkey pulling a cart of strawberries. Drivers are insane (worse than Penang drivers). Walked around town, buildings very dilapidated, like post war zones you see on TV. Catching the 10.50am train to Marrakech.

Relaxing outside a very French cafe

Breakfast of coffee, bread and omelettes at a cafe in front of the train station

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3 thoughts on “Casablanca

  1. woohoo! first post from Casablanca!

  2. Sherene says:

    Wheeeeee!! Cannot wait to read more about your adventures!

  3. sharifah munirah says:

    Salam,you all must be having a wonderful time in Marrakesh now.Papa baru balik from his second medicak check up ,he has to go for fluid injection from us and the cats.

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