Ian Wright was wrong: Once you get lost in the maze of alleys and narrow streets in the city, you CAN’T use the minaret of the Koutoubia mosque as your landmark in making your way out. Because you just can’t see it.

Where the streets have no name. Literally.

It was not even 10am and we were already lost in the maze, all in the name of breakfast, good and local. We started the walk confidently enough, until we came to an unfamiliar road and started asking for directions back to the Jemma el Fnaa (also known as the Big Square). Along the way a Berber man befriended us and even invited us into his home for welcome tea (he was happy to learn we were Malaysians), which we politely declined. He said he was on his way to a tannery auction somewhere, and invited us to come along because “leather auction very interesting, very beautiful place”.

After a few turns and in and out of dark alleys, we were composedly freaked out. We had to use the toilet as an excuse (sakit perut!) to get away from him which he then asked if we were scared. No, we just needed a toilet.. to piss in our pants.

We did get out in the end, after he gave us directions. He was a very nice guy in fact, but the maze of alleyways was just too overwhelming.

Marocs don't like to be photographed; this was taken without permission. Whoops. Further on the left were stalls selling pelts and other wildlife parts.

Some stalls at the Big Square

Sara found an alleycat!

Another alley

Ya, now can take photos and all but we were freaked out just five minutes before.

Leaving for Zagora tomorrow!

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One thought on “A-maze-ing

  1. amat says:

    Forward la what u hv written to Ian Wright.. hehe

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