The guys at Le Petit Kasbah say that they get only a little rain in the desert, three to four times a year, for around 10 minutes each time. Our guide at the desert, Mustafa, commented that it needed to rain because the animals need the water; Agog and Le Music need their water.

Yesterday on our way to Tinehir, it rained for at least three hours.

View from the backseat of our shared La Grand taxi from Zagora to Quarzazate (3.5 hours, seats six passengers). The driver had to stop for repairs along the way. We're not sure what was wrong, but the repairs involved putting more empty bottles into the bonnet.


Rain over Dades Gorge

Boumalne du Dades after the rain

We’d like to think that Malaysians carry a little bit of rain (and sunshine) everywhere they go.

Find out who Agog and Le Music are in the next post.

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One thought on “Rain

  1. mama says:

    You all bring Rahmat to the place.Alhamdullilah

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