Agog and Le Music

Agog and Le Music are Dromedary camels (Bactrian camels have two humps, Dromedaries have one, and llamas none) that belong to Mohamed, the owner of the campsite at Erg Chigaga where we stayed.

From the time we first saw the camels, we could sense that they were not to be messed with. They kept giving us the ‘stare down’ and made scary sounds like the tauntaun in Star Wars Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back.

Luke Skywalker on a tauntaun

Dylan Ong on a camel

Agog, Le Music and Mohamed took us to one of the bigger dunes in the morning and we lepak-ed there for a bit.

Mohamed and his camels lepaking

Heading back, Sara commented how Agog’s saliva was disgustingly dripping out of its mouth. Agog clearly was not pleased with this and went a few steps closer to Sara, who was riding Le Music. Agog then proceeded to wipe its mouth on her sleeve.

Agog contemplating Sara's sleeve

I take it back! I take it back!

Agog then gave Sara a look to say, “Is this okay with you now?”


Washing camel saliva off her sleeve with hot water back at the campsite

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5 thoughts on “Agog and Le Music

  1. apparentlysolable says:

    Love that u mentioned : Dromedaries have one, and llamas none (Llama’s) and dude, obviously Agog has a crush on you.. or prob he knows by heart u actually really wanted a Llama ride and not him..heheheh

  2. AnemOthman says:

    awww…u got an admirer hehehee.. U’ve been camel-licked! :p Keep on writing reading them and gorgeous pix!! me want more more more..take care and have tonnes of fun!!

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