Todra Gorge

We arrived at Todra Gorge yesterday. Staying at a pleasant little riad called Maison LaBelle Etoile, which has nice views overlooking the Todra valley as well as wifi (pronounced “Wee-fee” here). We met the owner, Hassan by chance as we were waiting for a taxi at Tinghir yesterday, and what bit of luck it was – this place seems to be the nicest in the valley and is also affordable at 150 Moroccan dirhams (around RM50 per night).

The valley is quite a pretty place with kasbahs on the hill slopes overlooking small farms and olive and almond trees along the river. Yesterday, we met an old lady in the kasbah who inquired if we had any children and all of a sudden we were having tea at her house. We couldn’t understand her as people here speak only Berber, Arabic or French, but she talked non-stop anyway (reminded us of someone back in KL).

There are a number of trails around the valley, and we’re hoping to do some in the next few days. We started out early this morning, but just as we passed through the gorge it started to rain again – the first time it has rained in the valley this year! (what’s the deal with us and rain). So we’re back in our room out of the cold, updating our blog (and it’s been drizzling for the past 4 hours).

Pottering about in the garden

Testing out a bridge

Checking out an abandoned kasbah

The main street leading to Todra gorge

Following Hajar back to her place for a cup of tea

Almonds! Unripe ones can be eaten with the skins attached but are extremely sour!

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10 thoughts on “Todra Gorge

  1. mama says:

    cantik nya.I m so envious.):

  2. apparentlysolable says:

    dudu, u followed Hajar into a dark world for tea? looks that way.. haha.. But the pic with u walking on the tiny bridge, looks like in The lost world movie..hehehe..

    • Hajar lives somewhere in the dark alley. After tea, she asked us to take photos with her daughter in front of her laundry thats hanging on the terrace. Dont argue with Hajar, tsk tsk.

  3. Rahayu says:

    i’d like to see pictures of you both looking scruffy and smelly like travellers often do!

  4. mingjen says:

    finally found some time to check the blog… living the guys!… living the LIFE!… 🙂

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