UFO sighted over Fes

After a long journey, which included a three hour bus ride from Tinghir to Errachidia, a six hour stopover, then another six hour bus ride, we arrived at Fes at the ridiculous hour of 4.30am. Not wanting to venture out until daylight, we sat at the bus station’s coffee shop watching a strange 1980s Tamil movie till 6am.

Unfortunately, this was not the transport we were looking for

At six, we caught a cab to the entrance of the old medina and tried our luck at finding somewhere to stay. We followed a promising sign that read “Riad Dar Tamo”, which lead us through a maze of alleys, knocked on a small but stately door and woke up the caretaker who was kind enough to let us in. And it turned out to be a really nice little riad too ๐Ÿ™‚ Later that morning, we recorded the way out ofย  the riad to the main alley, just to show you what we’re talking about. Check it out here.

Lounge area of the riad Dar Tamo

The 1,400 year old medina is the largest living medieval Islamic city in the world, and the world’s largest car-free urban environment (the main mode of transport is donkey). Anyway, we thought it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e: Way cooler and prettier than the Marrakech medina, with even more winding alleys to get lost in, less tourists, more souks and stalls selling everyday items for locals. Why, even the touts are nicer here.

145 degree view of the old medina from rooftop of riad Dar Tamo (pardon the poor Photoshop skills)

The roof: a great place to watch the sunset

The roof: also a useful place to hang one's laundry


Due to sight-seeing overload, we didn’t feel compelled to visit the “must see” tourist attractions in the medina, but were happy to just amble along its alleyways, sample stall food or watch the world go by while we sip on mint tea.

A shop in the souk selling birds, which was, strangely enough, manned by birds

Senyum, kau di Fez!

We also walked around the new part of Fes for a bit, in search of a shopping mall someone told us about but we could not find. Still, it was a nice walk through a very cosmopolitan town. Sara thought it was just like Bukit Bintang, with many Middle eastern eateries and Middle easterns.

The main boulevard of new Fes. Looks like it could be in Miami

Tired of tagines, shish kebabs (Sara has stopped saying ‘sheesh kebab’ in Morocco, as it actually means something here!) and all that, we decided to treat ourselves to McDonalds. And it is a treat indeed, as McDonalds is quite a luxury here – a chocolate sundae, for instance costs 14 dirham (RM5) and there’s even a security guard stationed at the entrance. Anyway, we are happy to report that McDonalds burgers and fries taste exactly in Morocco as they do back home.

McFondue: We gave it a miss but the croquettes au fromage was good

Our first seafood in Morocco: udang and ikan goreng tepung

Oh and by the way, we saw a UFO from the rooftop of our riad one evening. Here’s the video.

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6 thoughts on “UFO sighted over Fes

  1. Sara says:

    The pic of that sunset view is lovely. Hope all is well and safe and you guys are having an awesome time.

  2. Johan Ong says:

    The Riad Dar Tamo looks nice. More photos of the rooms please. Eh, are you guys going to contribute to Tripadvisor.com?

  3. AnemOthman says:

    The lounge area of the riad pix made me go gaaa…gaaaaaaa…beautipoooollll! Take care peeps!

  4. Johan Ong says:

    The UFO was real guys.. check it out http://youtu.be/oHg5SJYRHA0

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