Dar Tamo Riad

Front door. Never judge a riad by its entrance.


Signage made from Fes' famous tiles


Lounge / breakfast area. Did we tell you the breakfast here was fantastic?


A sun roof over the lounge


Second floor balcony


Our room!


And we have a seating area too. Bathroom is behind the mirror.


As requested by Johan, here are more photos of the riad. If you’re looking for more information, check out www.riadtamo.com

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7 thoughts on “Dar Tamo Riad

  1. AnemOthman says:

    OMG!! Soo loving the tiles!! @@

  2. amat says:

    cantek. rooms kalau mcm ni how much they charge?

    • Online booking price is about 700 Dirham per night, but we got it for 500 Dirham (about RM170), with breakfast. Plenty of other cheaper options around and just as nice.

  3. Rose Azzura says:

    syazie!loving the interior and architectural details, the mosaic tiles, love em!the bedroom looks comfy enuff!!!*like like like*

  4. mama says:

    cantiknya.you balik turn your house middle east concept.what I like they still preserve their culture in the buildings whicjh is hard to see here even in kampung now.very serene place.

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