Groggy and hungry, we dragged ourselves from the train station to our accommodation Catalonia Park Putxet after an 11-hour (painfully slow) overnight train ride from Granada. The hotel is within a residential area, and a 10-minute uphill walk from the nearest Metro. As it’s the week leading up to Easter Sunday, prices for accommodation go up and after much searching online, we came across this hotel which is the same price, if not cheaper than many of the youth hostels around Barcelona.

After a quick shower, a hurried lunch, an unplanned bit of shopping for second hand clothes at the Humana shop and a 45-minute wait at the sales office later, we finally got our tickets and were on our way to Camp Nou!

Camp Nou. Rain stopped in time for the match. They must have good bomohs here

It had been raining here all day and all week, but the sky miraculously cleared in time for the big game. We were not allotted seats next to each other, but we were still at the same block, four rows away. The kind gentleman seated next to Dylan offered to switch seats with Sara at halftime after he saw both of us signing to each other from afar. Barca fans are certainly a good bunch of people!

Pricey, but worth it. Now we eat just two meals a day.

Camp Nou, one hour before match time

Freeze! Yes, we did.


Fabregas volunteered to be the ball for his teammates to practice their kicks

AC Milan players like to pose


Standing around the big flat ball

The teams lining up with little kids

Pique down injured and was substituted soon after. A real shame, as he had been outstanding

A bit of "argy-bargy", right before Messi takes a free kick in the second half

Anyway, Barca put on a dazzling show, especially in the second half when they passed Milan off the park. See our video clips of the match here if you’re interested. Being there at the Nou Camp so close to Messi and the best team in the world (and of all time perhaps?) will certainly be one to tell the grandchildren (and everyone else :P).

The obligatory we-were-there photo!

It was a challenge finding our way back to the hotel after the game. We blindly followed the hoards of Barca fans for about 20 minutes before realising they were going to a different Metro station. We collapsed in bed at 12.30am after sharing a kebab.

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3 thoughts on “Barcelona!

  1. mama says:

    Samir will sulk all day if he reads this post,I dont know anything about football but I think this will be the one trip that u all will cherish.Both of u look so ceria and can pass as Spaniards.I think Sara needs a hair cut,

  2. mama says:

    BARCA BARCA BARCA!!! Next match, Barca vs Chelsea

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