Looking for nasi lemak

Hungry for home, we Googled “Malaysian restaurant in Barcelona” and found one Bunga Raya restaurant, apparently run by a mad British man who used to stay in Malaya during the war. The reviews by previous patrons mentioned that Bunga Raya serves nasi lemak. So the Cabutlaris were on it!

One of the best Malaysian food: nasi lemak daun pisang. Photo randomly taken off the internet

After walking for about four hours, we were hungry for nasi lemak (and giddy from Gaudi). We navigated our way through some of the narrowest streets of Barcelona and found.. nothing. Either the mad Brit has really gone mad or the shop has moved or is closed for the week-long celebrations. Our search continues.

We came across a Kuala Lumpur shop along the famous La Rambla tourist hotspot. It sold clothes – nothing remotely Malaysian about these clothes, or its sales people. Wonder what that’s about?

The first thing that came to mind was, is this a restaurant?! No? Oh.

Anda panda? Sara was. She hopes her project team is doing well.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for nasi lemak

  1. Anem says:

    alaaaa…kesian korang…search still continue ka? or the 4 hours search ended up with something even better or so-so?

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