Aimless in Ainsa

We’ve always liked the little towns better than the big cities. So we headed to Ainsa, a town on the foot of the Pyrenees.

One bus took us from Barcelona to a town called Barbastro. From there we had to buy another set of tickets for another bus to Ainsa. It seems the further away from the city, the less people speak English. So buying the Ainsa bus tickets from a ticket machine that only spoke Spanish was terrifying, but with the help of a nice fellow we got our tickets.

We read that Ainsa was a pretty little town, and we weren’t disappointed. Raptors in the bright blue sky greeted us, and we felt that it was going to be a good stay.

Ainsa, and its castle on a hill. Thankfully we did not stay on the hill.

That is until it rained the next day, and didn’t stop until night time. We still went for a walk along the river, but the rain kept us from going very far. Plus we didn’t want to ruin our new awesome wind-proof jackets.

We saw a big bird (is it a vulture?) land on a hill slope. We were about 100 metres away so we couldn't really see it, and our camera didn't really help.

A house in Ainsa that looks just like what we used to draw when we were kids.

The sun shone again on the third day so we decided to have a little picnic breakfast by the river. About thirty to fourty raptors were again in sight as we were leaving Ainsa for Torla. What a way to say goodbye.

By the way, a birthday shout-out to one of our top readers as she celebrates her birthday on April 13th. Happy birthday, Mama!

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