In fair Verona (and Padua), where we lay our scene

We stayed with our friends Josil and Davide at Davide’s family home in Verona. Davide’s wonderful mother fed us non-stop and we were quite certain that we (well, Sara at least) gained back some of the weight that we had lost since Morocco. Davide’s mother even made pasta and gnocchi from scratch.

Homemade pasta + Italy = dream come true.

Pasta, from scratch

The finished product: salmon and cream pasta

Homemade gnocchi with tomatoe sauce and cheese. Sara ate 37 pieces. Dylan was full after 25

As Josil and Davide were scheduled to attend a wedding (not theirs) in Padua and a Spring Festival at the Colli Euganei hills on the outskirts of Padua, the Cabutlaris were taken along for the ride in Davide’s family camper van. As our only experience with campervans was through Mickey, Donald and Goofy, we were definitely excited to be in a real one. Unlike the Disney model, Davide’s camper sleeps four and is equipped with a stove, sink, portable dining table plus a little toilet.

Having tea, Sicilian cookies and toasted cashews in the camper van

We were in luck as we stumbled upon free food at the pesta in Padua while Davide and Josil were at the church ceremony. Stalls were handing out fabulous risotto, cheese, bread, olive oil with bread and more cheese – we couldn’t say no to these, we’re Malaysians!

The fair at Padua

Asparagus and cheese risotto… free samples!

The Spring Festival was a fundraising event for an NGO. We had lunch here for a good cause, and met some of Josil and Davide’s colleagues from university who were also fellow foresters and conservationists.

A new Malaysian-Italian rock band

Sugar high after lunch

A feast was prepared for Josil’s 29th birthday which we tumpang enjoyed. Thanks for your family’s hospitality and for being our personal tour guide, Davide (and Josil)!

Davide and the birthday girl

P/S: Besides pasta, pizza and Nutella, another fabulous Italian invention we enjoyed was stove-top espresso maker.  It’s a simple but brilliant invention that is not yet popular in Malaysia but an essential household item in Italy. As lovers of good coffee, we just had to get ourselves one. Friends and family, come around for a cuppa when we get back!

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13 thoughts on “In fair Verona (and Padua), where we lay our scene

  1. Ee Lynn says:

    Wow! What a great time you guys had! Lots of good food too! Can’t wait for your next post!

  2. AnemOthman says:

    The sugar high pose pic is hilarious!! Sara!!! your hari dah panjang!!

  3. mama says:

    Hope you all can cook for us the pasta when you are back.It looks so yummy.How wonderful to have home made pasta.

  4. amat says:

    apa nama roack band tu? Maltaly?

  5. Johan Ong says:

    Usually 10 gnocchis make me full. This must be either smaller sized or just really really good.

  6. […] we’ve made paella with Jose and Reitxel in Toledo, and we’ve celebrated our friend Josil’s birthday party together with Davide and his family in Verona, to name a few. We’ve also hung out with many […]

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