Zadar and the Marvelous Sea Organ

After a short train ride to Trieste followed by a longer bus ride along a very winding road, we were in Zadar, Croatia. We had reserved beds at a brand new establishment, Hostel Home in Zadar’s old town. Apart from the fact that it was almost impossible to locate, and that it was five flights of stairs up, the hostel was not too bad. We had the entire place to ourselves on the first night, as there were no other guests.

Zadar is sunny and breezy and green

Five flights of stairs is no laughing matter

The common kitchen became our own. It has brand new plates and everything

Zadar’s old town is a small area with a number of historical sights. As it was a rather hot day, we didn’t do much sightseeing, although we were pleased to find an old church built by and named after a saint whom we could identify with: St. Donat.

Church of St Donat, with relics of an old Roman forum in the foreground

The ceiling of the church of St Donat. Nice and round and holy

This caught our eye – could it be Randall Boggs (from Monster’s Inc.)?

Our favourite part of Zadar is much newer: a sea organ built in 2005. Designed by local architect Nicola Basic, the “organ” is made up of a series of pipes that produce hypnotic, out-of-this-world music when sea waves exert pressure on them. As the sounds produced depends on the tide and waves, the sea organ sounds different at different times of the day. Listen to our poor recording of the sea organ here.

The sea organ. Doubles up as steps

Our second favourite part of Zadar is also new: the “sun salutation” which was designed by the same architect.  Located next to the sea organ, the sun salutation is a large circle of multi-layered glass plates that collect energy during the day and produce a trippy light show at night that’s meant to simulate the solar system. The energy harnessed by this invention is also used to power the street lights on the entire harbourfront.

The sun salutation: an excellent place to do the moonwalk

Apart from the organ and the light thing, we found the entire sea side promenade of the old town quite pleasant, and took a stroll here whenever we could.

Alfred Hitchcock once remarked that Zadar has the most beautiful sunsets in the world. So they  they gave him his very own signboard

A very big swimming pool. Unlike Gurney drive, the waters off this promenade are crystal clear

Fishing is a popular hobby here, for both men and women

A children’s fishing competition (we think)

As we did not bring fishing rods, all we could do was lepak in the shade and read

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2 thoughts on “Zadar and the Marvelous Sea Organ

  1. Natalie says:

    Great pictures of Zadar! I especially loved your shots of St. Donat’s (which I’ve affectionately dubbed “St. Doughnut’s”) and the ladder on the Riva. So many special little places, I’m in love with this town!

    • Zadar was our favourite out of the Croatian seaside towns we visited. It was the least touristy and really came alive at night – locals singing in small taverns, hanging out by the bay, etc.

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