Tricked and treat in Dubrovnik

We had heard and read much about Dubrovnik before we finally arrived. Dubbed the “Pearl of the Adriatic” Dubrovnik lays claim as one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of the Mediterranean. Although it’s also the most expensive city in Croatia, hordes of tourists descend on the city each year, by bus, car, plane, and gigantic cruise ships.

We rented an apartment in Lapad, a relatively quiet suburb away from the tourist hordes and much cheaper than the old town. After a hearty home cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast the following morning, we set out to do the obligatory walk along Dubrovnik’s number one tourist attraction – the 2km long city walls surrounding the old town. Aside from the tourist congestion along various parts of the wall, it was quite a pleasant walk, and offered good views of the old town, marina, and the sea. However, we felt that the views of Adriatic coast from the bus rides between Trieste, Split and Dubrovnik were much more spectacular. Too bad we couldn’t take any photos from the moving buses.

View from the city walls

The main street

A fort just outside the city walls

After our brief sojourn along the walls, we wandered aimlessly through the streets of the old town. It wasn’t long before we spotted a cat leaning against the door of a museum. The cat, which appeared to be tired, disheveled and dirty, had one paw lifted off the floor as if he was injured.

The poor thing

After looking at him for a while, we entered the museum, hoping that he would be strong enough to lick whatever wound he incurred. We browsed through the exhibits for a few minutes, until we realised that there was actually an entrance fee and thereby proceeded to make a quick exit. As we laid low in the grocery shop nearby, we came across some cat food.

So we bought a packet for the little fellow, which he walloped in a matter a seconds.  Didn’t seem to have any injuries or whatsoever now. But he still looked famished, so we went back to buy another packet. He ate half of this before deciding that he was too full and needed some siesta in the sun. That was when we realised we were conned by a cat in the most expensive city in Crotia.


Siesta time

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3 thoughts on “Tricked and treat in Dubrovnik

  1. Christina says:

    Good for you for helping that cat! He’s cute.

  2. Ee Lynn says:

    Alalalalalala…. sayang sayang cutie-pie cat!

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