Cabut lari?

So we’ve quit our jobs, let out the house, gave away the cats (we’re getting them back when we come back!), said goodbye to family and friends, and now we’re off to see the world.. well a small part of it anyway.

Somehow leaving town and all that isn’t as easy to do at our age as compared to when you’re 18 or 20. Not with bad backs and heels, family stuff, work commitments, elections coming up,cats, etc. But let’s get one thing straight, we tell ourselves… this is not a holiday, it’s travel. You know… to experience new sights and sounds, and hopefully learn some new things about the world and each other along the way. Something we’ve always wanted to do, especially after watching Anthony Bourdain eat his way across the globe.

Anyway, the general idea is to start from Morocco, then make our way across the Straits of Gibraltar and east across Europe and Central Asia. Lets see how many countries we can eat our way through.


9 thoughts on “Cabut lari?

  1. Isa says:

    I love that you’re blogging it! Good luck guys, have a good time! Can’t wait to read more…

  2. Johan Ong says:

    remember my advice!

  3. Rose Azzura says:

    gonna be my official daily read!cant wait for more updates!

  4. Liam says:

    Awesome! Enjoy you adventures and definitely try to sleep out in the Sahara – the night’s sky will totally blow your mind (just don’t chase the cats away, they eat the scorpions!!!). x

  5. ayu says:

    just read this. aaah i can’t wait to read about it…

  6. yanie says:

    bookmarked! 🙂

  7. Nos says:

    Oh wow so refreshing to hear that you guys are on your epic journey!! Glad you are sharing your stories and pictures… Enjoy 😀

  8. AnemOthman says:

    A follower of Cabutlari..I am 😉

  9. westerner54 says:

    Glad I decided to search for posts on Morocco this morning. Look forward to reading more.

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