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Up, up and away!

For you, fourty percent discount” said the travel agent. “Pay 20 percent deposit now, and if you change your mind, we give you refund.”

Not one to turn down a bargain, and since we were in Cappadocia, which is supposed to be one of the best places in the world for hot air ballooning, we said “OK lah.”

So at 5.30am yesterday morning, we found ourselves in a rattan basket with 20 other people, floating above Cappadocia.

Warming up the balloon

After a scary lift-off, the balloon behaved. That’s our balloon’s shadow over there


We were the third balloon to take off that morning. Not that it’s a competition, but… yay!

About 80 balloons take flight every morning

Cappadocia’s strange landscape makes the balloon ride all the more interesting

The direction of the balloon depends on the wind. So all 80 something balloons fly in the same general direction

Andy, our British pilot who works here for 5 months each year

Photo from the panoramic App on Sara’s phone

Because hot air ballooning was invented by the French, the tradition is to pop a bottle of champagne after each flight. We opted for orange juice. If hot air ballooning was invented by Malaysians, the tradition would be to make teh tarik instead

Another balloon landing next to us

Two guys have the unenviable job of pulling down the top of the balloon

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